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Papp, László Tamás

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Hírszerző - Hungary | 08/09/2009

Gay Pride and its enemies

The news portal Hírszerző comments on the major police deployment at last weekend's Gay Pride parade in Budapest: "The extreme-right squads weren't able to restage their violent acts of the year before. Nevertheless they have good reason to consdier themselves the victors. The huge police contingent cast a poor light on the peaceful demonstration of homosexuals, for example. ... Because if I can only win out over my opponent by artificially securing a massive tactical and technical superiority, ultimately he wins a psychological victory. He can feel like David kept at bay not just by one, but by a whole brigade of Goliaths. ... What other factors could give the right-wing extremist mob a feeling of success? The discourse in the right-wing conservative media. Because although their spokesmen are not out there whipping up antagonism themselves ... they nonetheless justify the hooligans' actions."

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