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Papazian, Eduard

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 08/07/2014

Seleção cracks under pressure

Germany trounced Brazil with a 7-1 victory in the semifinals of the Fifa World Cup on Tuesday night. Clearly the Brazilian team, the Seleção, couldn't stand up to the immense pressure to win, the daily 24 Chasa comments: "What on earth happened to Brazil? football fans are wondering. The answer is simple: the propaganda bubble about the sixth World Cup title that's been inflated over the last four years has finally burst. The key reasons are firstly that the Brazilian players and coaches collapsed under the huge burden of responsibility that weighed down upon them. You can't expect 23 players and five coaches simply to make everyone forget the poverty, misery, crime, corruption, sickness and misfortune in which 200 million Brazilians live. Secondly: the current national team simply doesn't have the class of its predecessors who won five World Cup titles for Brazil."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 22/09/2010

Lothar Matthäus' empty promises to Bulgaria

After two defeats in the qualifying matches against England (0:4) and Montenegro (0:1) Bulgaria's national football team has barely any chance of playing in the Euro Cup 2012. The appointment of a new German manager, Lothar Matthäus, won't do anything to change this, writes the daily 24 Chasa: "If you analyse the statements of [Bulgarian football association president] Mihailov on the selection of a new trainer it becomes clear that he was acting in desperation. Among at least 25 candidates Matthäus was chosen because he offered the attraction of being a specialist, if only as a footballer, and making the lowest financial demands. ... That he agreed at all to manage the national team of a foreign country with a staff consisting only of Bulgarian trainers shows how much he needs this job. ... No self-respecting trainer - only a bungler and an idiot - would promise to ensure that the team qualifies for the Euro Cup after two initial defeats, one of them at home."

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