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Papasavva, Anna

Papasavva, Anna

Anna Papasavva was born in Limassol, Cyprus, in 1981. She studying for her doctorate at the Pantheon University in Paris. She is currently a project leader at the Daedalos Institute for Geopolitics, a think tank in Nicosia.

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1.  Analysis | 17/09/2008

A meeting of cultures since Antiquity

Everyone has been to Cyprus: the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Ottomans. The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite is even supposed to have climbed out of the sea onto a Cyprus rock. Even today there are still remains of many cultures on the island, which testify to Cyprus's strategic position in the Mediterranean. » more

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Politis - Cyprus | 16/06/2008

The future of the Mediterranean Union

In the Cypriot daily Politis, Anna Papasava of the Daedalos Institute of Geopolitics in Nicosia, Cyprus, comments on the strategic value of the planned Mediterranean Union. "No one can doubt that the Mediterranean is not just a sea, it is a synthesis of different worlds with important cultural and historical heritages. ... Alone the task of establishing cooperation between Europeans and Arabs, in particular, is a great challenge. ... The memories of the past with which the colonies of the East confront the colonisers of the West are still very much alive. Consequently, in order for such a union to function efficiently it is necessary to create a sense of trust and solidarity between Arabs and Europeans. ... Cyprus must (owing to its geo-strategic significance) assume a key role in this process."

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