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Papanikolaou, Kostas

Apogevmatini, Greece

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Apogevmatini - Greece | 06/07/2009

Those in power don't understand the Internet

The wife of the designated head of MI6, the British secret intelligence service, has published private photos of her husband on Facebook. The conservative daily Apogevmatini writes: "It's characteristic of the importance of the Internet for the advance of uncensored information that the M16 'mishap' was not caused by the terrorists against whom the institution is working but by the wife of the new chief of the British secret service. … This woman published photos of her husband, family and friends on her Facebook site that could pose a threat to her own security, The Mail On Sunday newspaper writes. … This proves that the traditional people in power don't understand the world of the new media and consequently can't protect themselves against it. What is a problem for MI6 is at the same time a confirmation that true democracy (or in other words direct access for the people to uncensored information) takes place on the Internet."

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