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Papandreou, Giorgos

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El País - Spain | 31/03/2011

Socialist International paved the way for democracy

In view of the revolutions in the Arab world the social democrats Giorgos Papandreou (Greek prime minister and leader of the Socialist International), Alpha Condé (president of Guinea), Jalal Talabani (Iraqi president) and Rocardo Lagos (Chilean ex-president) point out in an article in the left-liberal daily El País that social democracy has played a key role in the transition from dictatorship to democracy in many countries: "What we are seeing now in North Africa and the Middle East reminds us of the experiences in Eastern and Central Europe where the will of the people toppled authoritarian regimes. Southern Europe and Latin America had previously experienced their own transitions from authoritarianism to democracy in which the social democratic, socialist and labour parties - all members of the Socialist International - played an important role. Today we can observe the results of their hard work in many parts of the world, achieved through contacts, debates, exchange of views and mutual support which had their origin in the Socialist International. Many parties from all over the world which are ready to embark on a new path of hope and progress knock on its door."

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