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Papakonstantinou, Petros

Kathimerini , Greece

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Kathimerini - Greece | 29/11/2009

Alain Badiou on Europe's intellectual decline

Europe must rethink itself from the bottom up, says French philosopher Alain Badiou in an interview with the Sunday edition of Kathimerini. Only a grand idea can rouse Europe from its lethargy, Badiou believes: "I've never accepted the postmodern idea whereby the mentality of totalitarianism lurks behind every grand idea. For me that is simply a disguised form of ideological capitulation. I'd say that current mentalities also hide something far more widespread: the intellectual obsolescence and demoralisation of Europe. If you look closely you'll see that today's Europe is the most obsolete, weary region in the world. It is a continent where decline - and the acknowledgement of this decline - are omnipresent. ... Against this background the return of a grand idea bespeaks the wish for radical change ... that is necessary to abolish this deathly lassitude and revitalise European culture. Of course that does not mean a return to ideas ... having to do with the transformation of the state."

Kathimerini - Greece | 08/07/2008

Penalisation instead of limitation

The newspaper I Kathimerini describes the signing of the immigration and asylum agreement as "hypocrisy". "Are we to believe there is a single European head of government who really wants Indian computer experts and ... Russian mathematicians in his country? ... We should not delude ourselves. The goal of this tough policy is not to limit migration, but to penalise it, so that the majority of migrants find themselves in the position of hunted animals. ... The authorities should not hunt the illegal immigrants but the illegal employers. From the industrialist who employs workers at half price right through to each and every one of us who employs an Albanian bricklayer, an Indian watchman for his summer residence or a Ukrainian maid without social security."

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