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Papagiorgis, Kostis

O Kosmos tou Ependiti, Greece

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O Kosmos tou Ependiti - Greece | 14/08/2009

Closure of British pubs is a national disaster

Amidst the economic crisis a growing number of British pubs are going out of business. The Greek weekly magazine O Kosmos Tou Ependiti reflects on the consequences this will have for British society: "The 'For Sale' sign is hanging outside many pubs and the residents of many villages perceive this as a national disaster. What do we do now? The smoking ban contributed to this because beer without cigarettes is like food without bread. There are 53,000 pubs in the country and an average of 7 pubs close down each day! This is a terrible encroachment on the customs of the British nation … and on the way [an Englishman's] daily life is structured. What would we say if Greece's Kafeneios [traditional cafés] were to close down?"

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