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Papadopoulos-Tetradis, Giorgos

Eleftherotypia, Greece

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 22/12/2008

Authoritarianism under the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree at Sindagma Square in Athens' city centre has become a target for activists and autonomists following the recent riots. On Saturday activists decorated the tree with rubbish. The riot police has since formed a protective circle around the tree. The daily Eleftherotypia describes the absurd scene and asks what the police is trying to achieve: "Was the police protecting the tree from dirt? Or making sure the decorations were hung up in the right order? ... What was the clever clogs who informed the police that the tree was under threat trying to do? Bring down the system? That's just it. We perceive things as those in power choose to present them, and no one can change it when the powers that be give the order. This is authoritarianism in its purest form. This is what we have now, and in the past few weeks we have experienced it intensely."

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