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Papadis, Thanasis

Imerisia, Greece

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Imerisia - Greece | 27/12/2012

A spark of optimism in Greece

Despite all the predictions that Greece would leave the Eurozone in 2012, the country has managed to stay alive, the left-liberal business paper Imerisia writes. "Next year, too, we will not let ourselves be defeated, even if most people have suffered badly. Greece is still a member of the Eurozone and the powerful of Europe are showing their solidarity in various ways. ... Certainly, the people of Greece have difficult times ahead. In the coming year they will also see their incomes shrink and the number of jobless grow right from the start. But things are changing on a psychological level. The prospect of the next credit tranche, as well as the clear decisions taken by the government, have created a more positive mood. Not that the Greeks' economic problems are over. But after several years of recession there are certainly a few hopeful signs."

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