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Papachristoudi, Matina

Dromos tis Aristeras, Greece

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Dromos tis Aristeras - Greece | 22/11/2014

Greek broadcaster destroying journalism

According to media reports on Sunday journalists at the state broadcaster Nerit will in future produce content for radio, television and Internet in a single newsroom owing to staff shortages. This leaves less and less time for research, the left-leaning weekly Dromos tis Aristeras criticises: "If a journalist plans a story and urgently needs an institution to make a statement it's clear that his story will land in the wastepaper basket [because there's not enough time]. In the worst case it will be falsified. The 'death' of the news report gives media companies complete control over information. The term 'newsroom' is now very popular with media companies. It has allowed them to trample on industrial laws and journalists. An editor who is in the production chain of a newsroom no longer has the right to say what he thinks and thus no longer really takes part in the process of producing information."

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