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Papachristou, Dimitris

Writer, Greece

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Ethnos - Greece | 28/11/2010

Dimitris Papachristou on the value of traditions

Capitalism has destroyed many Greek traditions. But to survive the current crisis precisely these traditions must be preserved, argues author Dimitris Papachristou in the left-liberal daily To Ethnos: "The crisis continues because we are neglecting our special traditions, but they will find a way to take revenge for the fact that we are allowing our heritage to disappear and therefore impoverishing ourselves. Multiculturalism, when it is not enriched by the particularities of different peoples, cannot embellish the world ... but on the contrary creates ugliness and a global hotchpotch. The modern, one-dimensional point of view creates people who act fearfully and subserviently in the capitalist system. With its imperialist consumer culture this system levels out nations, tribes, peoples, languages and traditions and aims to make us forget our past and stop thinking. But remembrance is our weapon; it is our existence which defies time and all forms of power."

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