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Papachristos, Dimitris

Writer, Greece

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Ethnos - Greece | 18/12/2011

Crisis driving Greeks to suicide

Forty percent more Greeks committed suicide in the first six months of 2011 than in the same period of 2010, according to the Greek Health Ministry. This is another consequence of the debt crisis, author Dimitris Papachristos worriedly concludes in the left-liberal daily To Ethnos: "Everyone is asking what this situation will lead to: the martyrdom of permanent postponement [of a solution to the debt crisis] and looming new austerity measures at the expense of employees and pensioners. ... The fear of unemployment continues to grow. A million people are without work now. ... Society is getting crazier and people are losing touch with each other. ... Depression is spreading everywhere and the number of suicides is growing. Everywhere people are nervous, tensions are growing and more and more family dramas are being played out. The aggressive and stressed people swimming in a sea of uncertainty are becoming a threat to themselves and killing themselves in their attempts to survive."

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