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Paolucci, Gianluca

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La Stampa - Italy | 11/06/2008

Europe's gas dependence

In view of the current global energy crisis the daily warns of the dangers of Europe's dependence on Russian gas. "The price of oil will reach 250 dollars per barrel. And if Europe wants to hit the gas pedal it must strike a deal with the Russian energy giant Gazprom. This is the brutal synthesis of relations between the EU countries and their primary gas supplier Gazprom which ... despite all the political concerns, is well on its way to becoming the EU's most important partner in the energy sector. ... Gazprom is defending itself against the concerns of the EU ... pointing to its loyal conduct during the Ukrainian energy crisis. In the meantime the extension of the gas pipeline is in full swing - there is [even] talk of a gas bourse in roubles. Gazprom intends to become the world's largest gas company."

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