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Panyi, Szabolcs

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Komment - Hungary | 30/11/2010

Hungary right to cut culture budget

Hungary's budget plan for the coming year foresees cuts in the area of contemporary art. Writing for the opinion portal Komment essayist Szabolcs Panyi welcomes the cuts and takes the view that the money for financing culture would be better used for the social benefits budget: "What is happening to Hungarian film? What is happening to its alternative theatre? These questions sound familiar. For in Hungary it is taken for granted … that contemporary art is subsidised with money from the state. … Hungary's culture policy should focus on two things: the views of the taxpayers and the maxim of social solidarity. Promoting the development of young poets is important, as is the survival of alternative theatres, but far more important is that the state should handle taxpayers' money responsibly. … Unfortunately there are millions of people in Hungary who are more dependent on public funding than for example an established director or writer. However their voices can't be heard."

Hírszerző - Hungary | 25/03/2009

Better times do not await Hungary

The news portal Hírszerző takes a dim view of Hungary's future: "Compared with the long years under Gyurcsány's chronically weak government, one would think that better times must lie ahead. But let's not deceive ourselves, there's been no sense to any of this for ages. ... A catastrophic year has come to an end with Ferenc Gyurcsány's resignation, and chances are good that things will get no better in the year to come. If Gyurcsány wasn't able to win his own party's backing, how can we expect a non-partisan prime minister to assert himself when he's opposed by two or even three parties? The same socialists who now leer opportunistically at the opinion polls will be the ones to vote on the measures taken by a government of experts. ... And Gyurcsány will go on pulling the strings in the background."

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