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Panuszko, Amelia

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Wprost Online - Poland | 11/10/2012

Sexism hard to eradicate in Poland

The Polish radio station TOK.FM has apologised for a sexist joke about a rape told by actor Rafał Betlejewski on one of its programmes. There will never be an end to such aberrations because sexism is deeply rooted in Polish society, Amelia Panuszko fears on her blog for the conservative news portal Wprost Online: "Neither the [chairman of the left-wing SLD] Leszek Miller, who openly labels women he finds unattractive as ugly, nor [the vice-chairman of the right-wing SP] Jacek Kurski have any problem with that. The latter once called his female colleagues in the Sejm broads with balls. The extent of sexism in Poland can hardly be measured, but there can be no doubt that it is widely accepted in our culture and language. And that's exactly why a 'feminisation' of our language is so important. .. The problem is that this will be a difficult, lengthy process - in a society in which those people who should actually be fighting sexism [the politicians] are themselves sexists."

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