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Pantelidis, Petros

newspaper Philelefteros Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 09/09/2008

Getting the message back to front

The government of the Republic of Cyprus wants to "foster a culture of peaceful cohabitation and mutual respect in schools, and to facilitate cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in a bid to end the occupation and reunite the island." Philelefteros newspaper questions this perception: "Since when is peaceful cohabitation the way to end the occupation? ... The formulation ... should be reversed: ... National dignity should lead the way to the restoration of human rights and the reunification of the island, so that the climate of peaceful cohabitation will be felt by all Cypriots. The government's formulation of the goal betrays its real purpose: getting Cyprus' youth - and its population at large - ready to accept an unacceptable solution which is now being prepared."

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