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Pantelic, Momcilo

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Blog A Europa desalinhada - Portugal | 05/01/2012

Momcilo Pantelic finds EU reminiscent of Yugoslavia

The EU is in many respects beginning to resemble Tito's Yugoslavia just before it collapsed, writes the US correspondent of the Serb daily Politika Momcilo Pantelic in the blog A Europa desalinhada: "As it stands, there is no lack of reasons to compare the incomparable. For example, at a time when the EU is attempting to reinforce centralised control of its periphery, its foundations are being threatened by excessive nationalism and accumulated incompatibilities between member states. This is a situation that is strongly reminiscent of the golden age of Yugoslavia (1981-1986), a period when it came close to joining the European Economic Community. And that is not the only parallel. Much like Belgrade and Zagreb, Berlin and Paris have become pillars of the Union in spite of the differences between them. At the same time, we have seen a flare-up between financially responsible and spendthrift countries and between the more developed and less developed members of the EU. All of this has a lot in common with the process that led to the break-up of Yugoslavia."

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