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Pantel, Nadia

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 07/07/2015

Germany has no right to criticise Serbia

Using the hashtag #7000, human rights activists in Belgrade are calling for a show of solidarity with the victims of the Srebrenica massacre on July 11. Criticism from Germany of this manner of coming to terms with the past is uncalled for, the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: "If Europe looks at the Balkans at all, it's with impatience. Why is the peace process in the former Yugoslavia so tough? There's something arrogant about this impatience, particularly coming from Germany, which took decades to break its silence on the crimes of WWII. In Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina there's no economic miracle to soften the memories of war. ... The question of whether someone is a Serb, Bosnian or Croat determines not only the past, but also today's reality in schools and government authorities. In such a climate the dead aren't just mourned, they remain a political sore point."

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