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Pantazi, Cristian

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Hotnews - Romania | 12/11/2014

Iohannis disappoints in Romanian TV debate

The two remaining candidates in Romania's presidential election faced each other in their first TV debate aired by the commercial channel Realitatea TV on Tuesday. The Romanian-German candidate Klaus Iohannis wasn't very convincing, the news portal Hotnews comments: "Why did Iohannis come to the debate so ill-prepared? Did he not realise that it was so important? Did he not have time to prepare? ... We don't know the answer, but the result is obvious. It is already being discussed on the social networks. A presidential candidate can't afford to display so many gaps in knowledge, and being well informed on the subject of corruption is a must - particularly when you're facing the leader of the Social Democrats [Victor Ponta] and you fall into his rhetorical traps. ... Oddly, Iohannis kept looking at the clock. He even reminded the presenter that the time for the TV debate was up. You got the impression that he was desperate for it to be over - not a good sign."

Hotnews - Romania | 14/05/2014

Ponta falls into Russia's trap

When Romania closed its airspace to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dimitry Rogozin on Friday as he was trying to return from Transnistria, the Russian threatened on Twitter that the next time he would use a bomber jet. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's response shows that he's failed to grasp certain basic facts, the news portal Hotnews writes: "Ponta threatened Rogozin that Romania could also use fighter jets to escort him out of Romanian airspace. ... Correct would have been to say that the Russian deputy prime minister was not allowed to fly over the country [because of the EU sanctions]. Ponta has failed to understand that it is Rogozin's task to provoke Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The pattern is simple: a relatively uncontrolled figure without well-defined responsibilities is sent as a provocation. The country in question responds, and Russia comes back with a counter-response. ... If the Romanian prime minister falls into the trap and threatens to send a fighter plane if he's menaced with a bomber, Russia all of a sudden has something it can go on."

Hotnews - Romania | 11/12/2013

Romanian media protect politicians' immunity

The Romanian Chamber of Deputies voted on Tuesday in favour of an amendment to the criminal code which severely limits the possibilities for investigating corruption allegations against politicians. Not just the brazen effrontery of the deputies but also the passivity of the media are apalling, the online paper comments in alarm: "The solemn calm in parliament was disturbed by just a handful of journalists who'd grasped what was really at stake yesterday. Unfortunately they were few and far between. Far more numerous were journalists from the boot-licking TV stations and newspapers looking for ridiculously trivial topics with which they tried to cover up the real agenda. The real journalists, however, followed the big topics of the day with the tenacity of pit bulls. And they deserve all our respect."

Hotnews - Romania | 05/09/2013

No need for referendum on vicious stray dogs

A four-year-old boy was bitten to death by stray dogs in Bucharest on Wednesday. Mayor Sorin Oprescu wants to hold a referendum on the city's stray dogs by the start of October. Although it will only play an advisory role, the plebiscite is meant to put parliament under pressure to act. Hogwash, the news portal Hotnews writes: "What will our parliamentarians do with the results of the referendum (which stands a good chance of deciding in favour of killing the dogs)? Nothing. Because previous legislation that allowed the city administration to kill the dogs was declared anti-constitutional after a [left-liberal] USL parliamentarian and NGO representatives challenged it. ... There are 60,000 stray dogs in Bucharest. The statistics show that 40 residents are bitten by them every day. The scandal over the child who was mauled to death has now radicalised those who are against the dogs, and alarmed people who would otherwise feed them. And if the dogs don't get fed, they become even more aggressive. ... Then what will procrastinators like Oprescu do when another case like this one occurs?"

Hotnews - Romania | 30/11/2010

Moldova's pro-Europeans could tip the scales

Sunday's parliamentary elections have failed to solve the deadlock in Moldova. After 99 percent of the ballots have been counted, ex-president Vladimir Voronin's Communist Party is out in front but short of an absolute majority. To form a government it now needs one of the three pro-European parties as a coalition partner. The Internet portal Hotnews stresses the burden of responsibility on the pro-European forces: "They're reshuffling the cards. Without one of the three parties, Voronin will be unable to govern. All he can do - and is doing - is to make seductive offers and wait for someone to bite. If one of the three parties changes sides, the country will forfeit all of the reform steps it took in the past year and - like Ukraine - once more become an unstable region. ... The West lost in Ukraine after failing to intervene in the democratisation process for four years. At least in Moldova the West has started to take important steps to support the former anti-communist government."

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