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Panova, Velislava

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 29/06/2010

Bulgarian Muslims must respect the law

The Mufti council in the southern Bulgarian city of Smolyan has said it will oppose the introduction of EU passports in Bulgaria and is calling on the parliament to allow exceptions for Muslim women. It says that the requirement for the hair and ears to be visible on biometric passport photos violates the Koran's prescription that women cover themselves. Everyone is equal before the law, the daily Novinar writes: "Did the Muslim council really not know anything about the new passports photos introduced three months ago, or was it just trying to draw attention to itself? All over Bulgaria we associate with families in which the women wear headscarves and we have no problem with this, for we live in a democracy. ... But the law applies to everyone. Should legislators decide to divide people in EU-member Bulgaria into groups of Muslims, Christians and others, that would be a different matter. Then the Mufti council could have no qualms about sending its letters of protest to the parliament."

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