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Pankowski, Rafał

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Tygodnik Powszechny - Poland | 23/04/2008

Rafał Pankowski on anti-Semitism in Poland

Political scientist Rafał Pankowski of the Warsaw organisation Nigdy więcej (never again) laments the increase in anti-Semitic sentiment in Poland. Talking to Andrzej Brzeziecki he blames the freedoms of democracy for this trend. "The elites of the Third Republic made a mistake when they adopted the linear model of democratic development according to which democracy progressively grows stronger, integration advances and things can only get better because chauvinism and anti-Semitism are eradicated as a result of continued progress. The last few years have shown that this progress can be interrupted or even take a step backwards at any time. The institutions and procedures aren't under threat, but the substance of democracy is. Protofascist organisations continue to be active in Poland and the level of anti-Semitism is greater now than it was ten years ago."

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