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Pančić, Teofil

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3 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Croatia | 14/03/2014

Teofil Pančić on the return of ideological bogeymen

The ideological bogeymen of the last century are being revived again in the Ukraine conflict, Serb columnist Teofil Pančić writes on the left-liberal web portal, feeling reminded of the Yugoslav War of 1991, in which lines were drawn between bloodthirsty communists on the one side and murderous fascists on the other: "No doubt these two camps existed, but the reality was far more complex. However complex realities are - and always have been - useless for the purpose of both war propaganda and post-war interpretations of history, which always remain within the rigid canon of 'permissible national truths'. To be able to create such images of 'us' and 'them' we made avail of anything we could get our hands on, from the (poorly guarded) exhibit room in which the ideological bogeymen of the 20th century are kept. Now the same thing is happening in Ukraine. What can we learn from this? Nothing. Neither 'we' will learn anything, nor will 'the others' between Lviv and Crimea, because to learn means to change, however we feel a lot more at ease playing around with the corpses of the terms and images of the last century." - Croatia | 28/02/2014

Teofil Pančić on the power of the European idea in Ukraine

The European vision is the driving force behind change, Serb columnist Teofil Pančić comments on the left-liberal web portal, with an eye to events in Ukraine: "Without bread there can be no life, but bread is not sufficient as a political idea. A vision requires more, and in Ukraine that 'more' exists, and some are even willing to die for it. It is the 'European perspective', as empty, austere and abstract as this phrase may seem. ... The events in Maidan can be interpreted as follows: ... We don't know where this flower grows or whether we will ever be able to pluck it. But the belief that the flower is within reach is an eternal incentive, even if it can have the energy of an aberrance. And precisely here lies the paradox: perhaps the belief in a 'European Ukraine' is a kind of utopia, but it can turn into a very concrete political force. This force has now led to far-reaching political changes, the purpose and outcome of which are not yet clear at this point in time." - Croatia | 28/11/2013

Teofil Pančić on the shift to the right in Croatia and Europe

The upcoming referendum on gay marriage in Croatia and the cooperation among right-wing populist parties at a European level prompt Serbian columnist Teofil Pančić to analyse the shift to the right in Europe on the liberal web portal "From the point of view of the Church prelates, ultra-right parties and groups and the 'nationalist intelligentsia' - not just in Croatia but all over Europe and the Western world - a left-wing liberal conspiracy has gained control, which is determined to destroy the 'traditional values'. ... It's well known that the Church and the entire hard-core ideological right don't like socialism. But they also reject capitalism, which in their eyes is brutally alienating us from our beloved traditional, national, family and religious values. They don't like what they see as its 'liberal' features, bound up in a strategic pact with left-wing emancipatory forces. They would be more tolerant of a capitalism à la Pinochet, just as they had no problems with Tuđman's capitalism."

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