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Pandelakis, Giannis

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 13/09/2010

The culprits of the Greek crisis go unpunished

Iceland's ex-prime minister Geir Haarde and other leading politicians are to be put on trial for their part in precipitating the bank collapse two years ago. The leftist daily Eleftherotypia doubts similar measures will be taken against those responsible for the Greek crisis: "Instead, in politically developed Greece the managers of public money who drove the country into the arms of the triad [the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank] remain active in politics. Apparently ... they are planning their comeback as soon as circumstances allow it. [Greece's prime minister] Giorgos Papandreou was asked yesterday whether he plans to initiate the appropriate parliamentary procedures against the previous government. His answer was anything but clear. ... Not ten months have passed and there has yet to be an inquiry. But even if there is one it won't come to anything."

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