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Panajotow, Stanimir

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 27/06/2008

Casting indifference as tolerance

Bulgaria's first "Gay Parade" will take place tomorrow. This has caused the Bulgarian National Alliance (BNS) to organise an "Intolerance Week". Dnevnik newspaper comments. "One should not expect a great street party. The parade invites people to 'Come have a look', but this sounds almost like 'Come take a punch'. The homosexuals will run up against the nationalists. We shall see how their interests clash, and how this 'Intolerance Week' wakes society up from its passive, narrow, formal and ethnicised tolerance. The event will certainly swing between social protest, party and police intervention. ... Finally, the parade will show the indifference that passes for tolerance and the hidden conformism and self-repression for what it is."

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