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Panagiotou, Panagiotis

Ethnos , Greece

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Ethnos - Greece | 05/10/2009

A positive vote for modern social democracy

The left-liberal daily To Ethnos writes on the Socialists' election victory in Greece: "The vote expressed not just disapproval of the New Democracy party and [its leader] Kostas Karamanlis. Nor was it an expression of anger. It was a positive vote … based on a programme for getting out of the crisis that bears the distinctive hallmarks of modern left-wing social democracy. It [the new programme] has pushed aside the conservative agenda that was a strange concoction of the [party] Popular Orthodox Rally and right-wing liberal conservatism [the New Deomcracy party]. In this sense [George] Papandreous' victory is a message that is of interest to all Europe. For this message differs from the usual practices of Europe's social democratic parties, which have struggled in recent times."

Ethnos - Greece | 19/01/2009

Obama needs time

The daily To Ethnos writes that the new US president should be given time in order to fulfil the expectations. "Perhaps the government he has put together is not the one many progressive citizens of the US and the world had hoped for. But perhaps he knows more than we do and is giving priority to realism and balance. ... We must invest time to find out whether Obama really does represent an important change for the US and the rest of the world."

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