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Panagiotarea, Anna

Eleftheros Typos, Greece

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Eleftheros Typos - Greece | 16/04/2014

Don't destroy Greece's success now

Following Greece's return to the capital markets the conservative daily Eleftheros Typos praises the policies of Antonis Samaras' government and warns the Greeks not to jeopardise this success in the European elections: "It's thanks to Samaras that Greece has made a successful comeback on the markets. The weakest economy in the EU - as the economic experts describe it - at least seems to enjoy the trust of the investors. The yield of 4.95 percent at which the Greek bonds are now trading is lower than the six percent we had before the austerity dictates were imposed. Samaras said it would be a mistake to believe we're out of the woods. He should rather insist that we don't destroy the fruits of our efforts now."

Eleftheros Typos - Greece | 01/02/2012

Merkel scares Greeks

The EU summit on Monday spurned Germany's idea of appointing a budget commissioner for Greece but the debate about the proposal continues in Greece. Anna Panagiotarea writes about her fears regarding German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the conservative daily Eleftheros Typos: "Many of Merkel's political decisions testify to the fact that she was raised in the GDR. ... She heartily embrace the idea of a budget commissioner because she believes that he would function like a commanding officer. I believe that Frau Merkel sees the European as something like the Warsaw Pact - but with Germany replacing the Soviet Union in the leading role. She doesn't appear to be interested in the Community acquis or the 'Union of free and democratic states'. Her logic of demanding strict discipline from the weaker members of the Eurozone and pushing through a 'stimulus programme' in these countries even though it will only plunge them into recession is frightening."

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