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Pam, Max

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 13/01/2016

Sweden hushed up attacks by migrants

Sexual attacks by migrants on women during a festival in August 2015 were hushed up for months by the Swedish police. According to police statements, the events were kept quite to avoid giving the right-wing Sweden Democrats further ammunition against refugees. This is appalling, writes columnist Max Pam in the centre-left daily De Volkskrant: "Clearly the authorities have little interest in accurate facts if the truth plays into the hands of certain groups. That borders on the incomprehensible. Sweden of all countries, where you risk criminal charges if you so much as look at a prostitute; the country that is ready to fight for years to put Julian Assange on trial: there of all places it now seems there has been a major operation to cover up sexual attacks and rapes. ... I find it hard to believe that this is the result of a deliberate policy. Rather it seems that a climate of avoidance and concealment has emerged over time."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 20/04/2012

Juan Carlos lives in the past

King Juan Carlos of Spain has apologised for taking part in an elephant-hunting safari in Botswana. The shot elephant symbolises the anachronistic nature of Europe's last remaining monarchies, writes the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "Once rulers demonstrated their unlimited powers through subjugation. Not for nothing did Roman emperors subjugate peoples and keep them happy with entertainment involving wild animals. But lions, bears and tigers are no longer feared. ... Their subjugation was completed long ago. This is common knowledge, but it still hasn't penetrated to the palaces and the hunting lodges. ... But there is some hope. The 13-year-old grandson of the Spanish king was also injured. He didn't shoot at an elephant, but his own foot. Now that's what we call progress."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 03/06/2010

Populist Wilders becomes dependent politically

According to surveys the popularity of Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders is waning. After the parliamentary elections on June 9 Wilders' political role will depend on the conservative-liberal politician Mark Rutte, writes columnist Max Pam in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "You can be on the front pages of all the newspapers. You can grouse all you like about the Moroccan pack. But time is ticking and the moment will come when you realise what a lonely clown you have become. And that moment has arrived. ... Wilders recognises the danger that voters will grow tired of him at some point. So now he wants to have a hand in governing. Indeed, to survive he must have a share in government. An eternal opposition party is doomed to ruin. ... That's what happened to Filip Dewinter with his [right-wing extremist] Flemish bloc in Belgium. The question is whether the voters will actually allow Wilders to be in government. The political fate of Geert Wilders is in the hands of Mark Rutte."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 11/06/2009

Christian schools allowed to fire homosexual teachers

According to a recent opinion by the Council of State, the Dutch government's highest advisory body, strict Calvinist schools may fire homosexual teachers. The opinion has enflamed debate over the status of Christian schools, which according to the country's constitution are financed by the state and on an equal footing with other schools. Max Pam calls for direct action in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "People who claim the right to discriminate against others mustn't complain when others start discriminating against them. Historian Jonathan Israel clearly describes the phenomenon that religions only become tolerant when their supporters are persecuted themselves. Now I woudn't go so far as to say they should suffer persecution, but it only seems fair to give Christian schools unequal treatment. Let them go ahead and discriminate against their homosexual teachers. But then let these devout gentlemen provide their incomes themselves. State money should not go to a school which fires its math teacher because he shares his bed with his best friend."

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