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Palmer, Alasdair

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 22/08/2011

Euthanasia must remain forbidden

A 43-year-old British man known under the pseudonym Martin who can only move his eyes since suffering a stroke is fighting for his right to receive medical assistance to die. The conservative The Daily Telegraph warns of the consequences of euthanasia: "It is impossible to disagree with Martin when he says that he would prefer to be dead. But that does not mean that anyone else should be obliged to kill him. Still less does it follow that the law should be changed to ensure that anyone who did so wouldn't be prosecuted. Martin's predicament is dreadful, and I would admire anyone who had the courage to help him die. But it is impossible to change the law in the way he'd like without producing a system that makes it easier to kill people who want to live. And that is something the law should never do."

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