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Palier, Bruno

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Le Monde - France | 14/06/2011

EU must remain social despite crisis

After yet another downgrading of Greece's credit rating the Eurozone is discussing additional austerity measures. These must be flanked by a social package, three European political scientists write in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "The EU must give environmental, social, and educational issues the same priority as budgetary concerns. There must be a social investment pact as a counterweight to the Stability Pact. This will put European investment in a positive light and send a signal to the people suffering from the crisis and austerity measures that Europe also stands for a better future, precisely by investing in its youth. Like the Structural Funds, European financial aid should support social investment policies. While ensuring that the debt crisis is averted, the European Union could also see to it that member states introduce social investment policies."

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