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Palibatya, Blogger

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 01/02/2010

Blogger Palibatya questions the scientific nature of political science

Is political science really a science? Blogger Palibatya discusses this provocative question in his blog on the website of the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: "What we must be aware of in any case is that politics is about us and our lives. We cannot escape its impact. ... Thanks to the sciences, our knowledge today stretches from distant planets to the microscopic components that make up the material world to the genetic code of our organisms. This expansion of our knowledge can be observed in all 'traditional' fields of science, and new branches of science are constantly forming. Only political science has yet to provide us with sound knowledge. ... In the case of political science, power is the scientific object under examination. ... Scientific knowledge should on the one hand be based on independence and on the other on strictly scientific research methods. ... But with political science maintaining objectivity is made difficult (or rather impossible) by the following circumstance: the 'scientist' must scrutinise the reality of the very political structures and the actions of the very same people on whom he depends to earn a living."

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