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Paker, Murat

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T24 - Turkey | 30/11/2015

Kurdish lawyer murdered intentionally

The prominent Kurdish human rights lawyer Tahir Elçi was shot and killed on the street in the southern Turkish city of Diyarbakir on Saturday. He and a police officer were fatally wounded during a shoot-out, according to Turkey's Interior Minister Efkan Ala. The liberal online paper T24 disagrees, arguing that this was premeditated murder: "Dozens of bullets were fired and dozens of people were at the scene of the crime. But what a 'coincidence' that only Tahir Elçi was killed by a single bullet. It's clear who killed him. But officially the perpetrator will remain unknown. That too is clear, unfortunately. ... Tahir Elçi was a man of the law, someone who was not afraid to criticise the PKK when the situation arose, and who defended strict non-violence and peace. He was a moderate, a principled and honest dove on a bridge that both sides should protect like their own eyesight if they want peace in this country. Demons bombed this bridge so that no ties can remain between the two sides, and so that no one can hope for peace anymore."

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