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Pajuste, Margo

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Õhtuleht - Estonia | 13/01/2014

Estonians suffer from full trains

Since the start of the year Estonia has been discussing the new trains of the state-run passenger train operator Elron. Although more comfortable than those of the private competition, they have fewer seats, meaning that many passengers must stand. The tabloid Õhtuleht blames the Economics Ministry and the company for the problem: "The more people who travel by train, the better. ... The state is making sure that there are more departures and more kilometres of track. So it's completely illogical for Elron and the Economics Ministry now to lament that they did everything right but that there were simply too many passengers at the start of the year, and that's why the trains were overcrowded. If the goal was to get more people to take the train, how can you turn around and blame those who do? For the time being we'll just have to stand and suffer."

Õhtuleht - Estonia | 24/01/2011

Estonian author slates Esonia

Author Reet Kudu announced at a reading organised by the international writers' organisation PEN in Antwerp that Estonia is discriminating against its Russian minority. The tabloid Õhtuleht is appalled: "It must be twenty years since we last heard accusations like those levelled by Reet Kudu against the Estonians. And from the mouth of a person who lives in Estonia and should therefore be up to date with the situation. There were no facts at the event, just dramatic statements and stereotypes. … What could drive a person to denigrate her country in such an inappropriate way? It is to be hoped that at least she believes what she said there. But it really is crazy when a person spouts such nonsense. She must be motivated by the sober calculation that she can appropriate this issue for her own purposes and scrounge pity for the persecuted and oppressed in 'old Europe'. … As a serious organisation PEN should be a bit more careful with its reputation."

Õhtuleht - Estonia | 24/03/2010

Lack of progress in Estonia

The Estonian authorities have presented a report on the development of Estonian society. The daily Õhtuleht complains about the stagnation in many areas: "Estonian society is nowhere near as dynamic as it used to be, or as we like to believe. The newly published report makes out Estonian society's dwindling openness as the main problem, while the state is incapable of reacting to changes like the economic crisis. But overcoming the crisis and restoring our competitiveness, which would reduce the tragic levels of unemployment, cannot be left entirely to companies and EU funding. ... Regional imbalances are also growing: the report makes clear that the presence of the state and its services and job possibilities are developing at very different rates in several parts of the country. Tallinn and Tartu are the greatest centres of attraction while the rest of Estonia, above all the areas located in the centre of the country, are increasingly lagging behind."

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