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Pajić, Darko

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1.  Novi list - Croatia | 13/08/2014

A victory for minority rights in Croatia

Croatia's constitutional court on Tuesday rejected a proposal for a referendum that, if successful, would have made it more difficult for minorities to use their ... » more

2.  Novi list - Croatia | 08/08/2014

Croatian air force should be scrapped

Technical problems led to the crash of one of the Croatian air force's fighter jets on Tuesday, and a second plane only just about made ... » more

3.  Novi list - Croatia | 06/08/2014

Croatia: winners in war, losers in peace

Croatia on Tuesday commemorated the 19th anniversary of "Operation Storm", which marked a turning point in the Croatian War of Independence. After the main ceremony ... » more

4.  Novi list - Croatia | 30/05/2014

Internal warfare in Croatia's governing party

Croatia's Prime Minister Zoran Milanović was publicly accused of cronyism and abuse of power on Thursday by ex-finance minister Slavko Linić. Linić, for his part, ... » more

5.  Novi list - Croatia | 21/05/2014

Clear up causes for burst dam in Croatia

Accusations are growing louder in Croatia that the cause for the breached embankment near Rajevo Selo was illegal sand removal. The collapse of this embankment ... » more

6.  Novi list - Croatia | 21/03/2014

Red Star part of Croatia's identity

The largest opposition party in Croatia, the conservative HDZ, demanded on Thursday that the five-pointed red star should be banned as a symbol. That is ... » more

7.  Novi list - Croatia | 23/05/2013

Keep gay marriage ban out of constitution

A Croatian petition has gathered enough signatures to apply for a referendum on enshrining marriage between men and women in the constitution. The constitutional court ... » more


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