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Paju, Imbi

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Postimees - Estonia | 05/12/2008

Estoniophobia fanned by Russia

Postimees newspaper blames Russia for using the media to discredit Estonia in Western countries, including its neighbour Finland, but takes consolation in the fact that the Finnish author Jukka Rislakki has presented the other side of the story in a recent book. "Rislakki complains that Russia has managed to buy politicians, journalists and film directors in both the East and the West. But he also maintains that the Baltic states are not in a position to present their own version to the world. ... According to Rislakki, Estonia is being presented as an Apartheid state which discriminates against its Russian minority and forces on them its romanticised, Nazi view of history. In addition, the country's detractors say, Estonia is not in a position to establish economic relations with Russia, the Estonian president came from exile and so is not a true Estonian, etc. Even Finnish politicians and journalists are now calling such claims 'Estoniophobia'."

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