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Pagès, Yves

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Télérama - France | 20/02/2008

Yves Pages analyses the end of the traditional work system

In an interview conducted by Martine Laval, the French writer and publisher Yves Pages insists on the necessity to reflect on how the role of work in modern society is evolving. "We need to think about how work is changing. My generation is going through a crazy evolution and isn't equipped to analyse it. The classic work system is being abolished along with stable full employment. Should we feel nostalgic? I don't. But should we not defend the rights that go with precariousness? Students and part-time workers are fully implicated in the market, but are not recognised. Politicians and unions are dragging their feet, they don't understand anything, or don't want to. Interim workers, people in precarious jobs are not the enemies of the working class. They too are part of today's working class."

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