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Pagès, Frédéric

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Le Canard Enchainé - France | 19/03/2014

Plenty to learn from French driving ban

France is currently speculating on what consequences the one-day driving ban in Paris for cars with even-number license plates will have on the outcome of Sunday's local elections. If nothing else, the French will glean some ground-breaking insights from these measures, the satirical weekly paper Le canard enchaîné jokes: "Some die-hards claim that a large part of the air pollution comes from abroad. As the wind is blowing from the east, everyone is looking at Germany (where the diesel engine was invented) and its wretched coal-fired power stations. And as for Marine Le Pen, you'd think her head was full of smog. How else could she have failed to seize the opportunity to denounce the free circulation of foreign dust particles? Whatever the case, let's welcome the educational value of these difficult days that have practically suffocated much of France, including [the French overseas department] Martinique. For they have revealed to us the existence of a minister of the environment by the name of Philippe Martin. And they will have taught license plate owners that zero is an even number."

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