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Padovani, Marcelle

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 09/09/2013

Berlusconi takes Italy hostage

The Italian Senate has been deliberating since Monday on whether former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi should lose his mandate after having been convicted of tax evasion. Berlusconi is trying to turn his personal problems into an affair of state, the left-liberal news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur writes in disapproval: "The idea of going to jail, being under house arrest or having to do community work after October 16 doesn't suit him at all. ... For a long time he hoped for a presidential pardon. But the president informed him that to receive a pardon you have to request it, and to deserve it you have to make amends by apologising for your misdeeds. ... He prefers to provoke a government crisis by withdrawing his ministers out of pure spite from the national unity coalition, where they sit beside ministers from the Partito Democratico. The party that is intent on - at least that's what he claims in public - seeing the courts ruin their old adversary."

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