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Pace, Salvu Felice

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Times of Malta - Malta | 08/10/2009

Blair would be a liability as EU president

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair would be a terrible choice for EU president because he's so unchristian, writes Salvu Felice Pace in the daily Times of Malta: "Although Mr Blair has been accepted into the Catholic Church, many politicians and ordinary citizens across Europe remain sceptical about his personal commitment to his Church's doctrine. Since becoming an MP, Mr Blair had voted consistently with the pro-abortion lobby, despite claiming that he personally opposed abortion. ... There is still a lot of anger among Christians in the UK that he spent his time during his Premiership marginalising Christianity, to the extent that many well-established Church welfare institutions, particularly in the fields of fostering and adoption, had to close their doors because of his legislation regarding the acceptability of gay couples to foster and adopt. Add to all this Mr Blair's lacklustre performance as Quartet Special Envoy for peace in the Middle East and I hope that readers would come to the same conclusion I have reached that he would be more of a liability than an asset should he be crowned as Europe's first President."

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