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Paár, Ádám

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 03/12/2015

Islam has always been part of Europe

There is a widespread misconception in Europe that Islam is foreign to European culture, historian Ádám Paár writes in the centre-left daily Népszabadság, pointing to Islamic roots on the continent that stretch back more than one thousand years: "Since Tariq ibn Ziyad crossed the Straight of Gibraltar in 711, Islam has been just as much a part of European history, culture and society as Christianity has been part of the history and culture of the Middle East or China. It's a serious mistake to reduce the Muslim presence in Europe to migrants, refugees and their progeny, and what's more to confuse these three categories. There are many long-established Muslim societies on European soil: Bosnians, Albanians, Bulgarian Pomaks, Dobrujans and Bulgarian Turks, as well as the Tatars (whose descendants include the actor Charles Bronson)."

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