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Łomanowski, Andrzej

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 18/12/2015

Planless Kremlin boss shoots his mouth off

The Russian president came across as completely lacking a strategy in his press conference, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita finds: "There was no indication that he has any idea how to end the conflicts in Syria through political means. Basically he just rejected the US proposals. And nor does he have a plan for how to resolve the conflicts in Turkey and Ukraine. Perhaps he decided not to bring them up because he knows he has already lost both. If he were to go into more detail he would have to admit that. But as long as the crises there continue, he can at least go on pretending he's the great victorious politician who decides the world's fate. That's why he just did a lot of shouting, with insults and threats."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 18/08/2014

Poland doing too little for Ukraine

The foreign ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine met in Berlin on Sunday for five-hour talks on the Ukraine crisis. In Warsaw there was criticism that the Polish foreign minister wasn't invited. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita doesn't agree: "Polish society doubtless has friendly ties with Ukraine. Because for a long time now there hasn't been such a spontaneous outburst of sympathy regarding any of our neighbours. But does this also apply to our government? An example: Hungary allegedly delivered weapons to Kiev last week. Apparently even tanks, at least according to the Russian foreign ministry. But our government is only willing to send bullet-proof vests and helmets. Absolutely ridiculous compared to tanks, or not? Do we really need to ask why we should be invited and not the Hungarians now?"

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