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Ogien, Ruwen

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Libération - France | 04/12/2013

Defend the right to prostitution

The French National Assembly will vote today on a bill on penalising those who purchase sexual services. The philosopher Ruwen Ogien argues against the bill in the left-liberal daily Libération: "As far as I know, no politician has openly suggested limiting the right to sell sex of those prostitutes who see themselves as free just because a large number of prostitutes who see themselves as enslaved could benefit from this. In fact if these people refuse to recognise the right to be a sex worker, it's because in their view it's not really a right. That's why they have so few qualms about seeing it sacrificed. If they took the right to be a sex worker seriously, if they believed that it is as legitimate as the right to a fair trial, they would probably not be so quick to sacrifice it. ... However, the right to be a sex worker is derived from the right to a private life and the right to self-determination over one's body."

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