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Özgentürk, Jale

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Radikal - Turkey | 30/10/2014

Turkey has not seen the end of mining disasters

Eighteen miners were buried deep underground when a shaft collapsed outside the southern Turkish town of Ermenek on Tuesday. There is little hope that they will survive. The accident is the result of an overly ambitious economic policy, the liberal Internet paper Radikal criticises: "The government has set itself the very ambitious goal of becoming one of the ten biggest economies by 2023. ... But we have neither oil nor gas. ... According to the government's strategic plan, more energy is to come from regional sources. Instead of focusing on renewable energy the emphasis has been placed on coal. The opening of new mines has been made easier and state-run mines have been privatised. The red tape is being minimised and the laws changed. ... In view of the rising production costs no one bothers about safety measures. It's clear that we can expect the number of mining fatalities to keep rising."

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