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Özdan, Vedat

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T24 - Turkey | 10/07/2015

Iran nuclear deal would boost global economy

A result in the nuclear negotiations with Iran is expected today. If an agreement can be reached it will bring economic benefits not only for Tehran, the liberal Internet daily T24 believes: "If the sanctions [against Tehran] are lifted this would mean geographical power and prestige for the leadership in Tehran, and more employment, money, prosperity and freedom for the people of Iran. ... Should the Iranian economy once again be integrated into the international system it would significantly aid the global economy, which is suffering from ongoing recession. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and the integration of the Eastern European countries into the EU, no other country of such magnitude has been incorporated into the world economic order. Of course this integration will have an impact on prosperity. Should the sanctions be lifted, one can expect new business opportunities running into the billions both for the Iranian and for the global economy."

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