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Özcan, Nihat Ali

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Milliyet - Turkey | 22/08/2014

Only Assad benefits from conflict

US airstrikes against the IS militias in Syria would help only one person by giving him the chance to restore his reputation, the conservative daily Milliyet predicts: "The Islamic State has changed the mood in the Middle East. Particularly since the murder of US journalist James Foley, the West seems to be warming to the idea of starting talks with [Syrian President] Assad again. Assad has never opposed Western values and has an image that can convince the Western world. Shaved, with a smooth face and tie, he looks typically Western, and his wife even more so. These are simple and persuasive arguments with which the Western politicians can convince people of the merits of changing their policy. So it is that the IS militia are becoming a catalyst for Assad's salvation, while for others they bring torture."

Milliyet - Turkey | 19/08/2014

No need to get angry at BND's spying in Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Ministry harshly condemned the German Federal Intelligence Service's spying operation in Turkey on Monday and demanded that it be ended immediately. Writing in the conservative daily Milliyet columnist Nihat Ali Özcan defends Germany's actions: "Germany is at pains to avoid any strategic surprises from Turkey. It can point to the Kurdish issue, radical religious movements, the Alevi issue, economic developments, international criminal networks or Turkey's intentions in the Middle East as justification for its surveillance. ... Is that now a reason to get angry with Germany? My answer is no. Rather we can joke about the fact that the bugging operation was exposed. ... Because countries can be friends but their intelligence services can't. After all, we live in a world in which often enough strategic surprises come not from our enemies but also from our friends."

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