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O'Doherty, Ian

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The Irish Independent - Ireland | 17/01/2016

Ridiculous contortions after Cologne attacks

Politicians simply don't want to accept the reality of what happened on New Year's Eve in Germany, columnist Ian O'Doherty writes in the conservative daily The Irish Independent: "Sooner or later, liberals were going to have to make a choice between which group was more protected - women, gays or Islam. We now know they chose Islam. What other group would have politicians doing such ridiculous cart wheels to avoid confronting the ugly truth? Mass male sexual violence against women is so prevalent in North African cultures that it even has its own name, 'taharrush'. So why were people surprised it happened? More pertinently, why did the very people who so love to condemn male violence remain so silent for so long about this latest outrage?"

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 06/01/2016

Society censoring itself

Society lost the courage to freely express its opinions after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the conservative daily Irish Independent contends: "Some beliefs deserve to be mocked and if the believers are outraged, that's their problem. The problem of living in a liberal democracy is that there is little appetite for aggressively defending the right to offend. We would rather sit idly by and allow the narrative to be controlled by lunatics than be accused of the greatest secular sin imaginable - racism, or its idiot cousin, Islamophobia. No good could ever have come from the atrocity in Paris 12 months ago, but it should be a cause of genuine despair that we have actually retreated from the values we pretended to espouse in the wake of the massacre. And on that level alone, it proves that ... the terrorists have won."

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 19/05/2015

Stop mass immigration with force if need be

Most of those who want to cross the Mediterranean to Europe are not fleeing persecution but are economic refugees trying to escape poverty, the conservative daily Irish Independent argues, concluding that for that reason the EU should close its borders: "The great myth of this unfolding crisis is that these are refugees fleeing Syria through ports in Libya and we in the West somehow owe them something. They're not, and we don't. In fact, it is estimated that 90-95pc of those risking the journey are from sub-Saharan countries like Senegal, Mali and the Ivory Coast. In other words, this is simply a case of mass illegal immigration and is something which must be stopped, by force if necessary, for the sake of both Europe and the migrants themselves."

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 21/04/2015

Gay marriage advocates abominably intolerant

The Irish will vote in May on the introduction of same-sex marriage. But with their self-righteous, intolerant attitude the proponents of gay marriage are hurting their own cause, the conservative daily Irish Independent rails: "The vital principle of live-and-let-live has been replaced in recent years by a nauseating liberal orthodoxy which insists that anyone who dissents isn't just wrong, they must be painted as the enemy and destroyed. When did liberals stop being the good guys? When did those who shriek the loudest about tolerance become the ones who can't bear to tolerate any deviation from the party line? ... But not every 'No' voter is a homophobic bigot and the prissy, sanctimonious, self-righteous bilge which is spewed on a daily basis by 'Yes' campaigners is as counter-productive as it is irksome."

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