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Nutu, Otilia

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Contributors - Romania | 05/06/2012

Humiliation of Roma discredits Romanians

In the northern Romanian city of Baia Mare, the mayor Catalin Chereches has forced roughly 1,000 Roma to move into the abandoned laboratory building of a copper factory. Several children were poisoned by the chemical waste in the building and had to receive medical treatment. Many members of the local community approved of the plan. Otilia Nutu voices his outrage on the blog portal "I would have thought such a story would shock anyone who heard it. Certainly that would have been the case if it hadn't been 1,000 gypsies but 1,000 hens, stray dogs, wild horses, Romanians or whatever. ... Instead, nine out of ten commentators praise Mayor Chereches' decision, wish him success in eradicating the 'Gypsy plague', congratulate him and assure him they would elect him president if he'd only run. For a commendable service: he poisoned several children! It's high time we took a look in the mirror. ... Are we still human when we applaud a deed that would be a crime if we really lived in a constitutional state?"

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