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Nussbaumer, Hannes


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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 17/04/2012

Norway must allow Breivik to speak

Despite his terrible deeds Norway must grant Anders Breivik his rights and not prevent him from speaking, writes the liberal Tages-Anzeiger: "Must Breivik be given a stage from which he can disseminate his monstrous assertions - before a global audience? And inflict more injuries on the families of the victims in doing so? Yes, he must. This is extremely unpleasant and sickening but the principle that the strength and maturity of a state is measured by how it deals with its weakest members applies here too - here in particular. For sure, Breivik has cast himself as a guiding intellectual force, judge, avenger and executor in the name of a crazy ideology - he sees himself as a monument of power and force. But in reality he is weak, pathologically obsessed, devoid of all humanity. ... For that reason a constitutional state must be all the more meticulous in ensuring that such a defendant is treated correctly and granted all his rights."

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 05/05/2010

Useless burqa ban

In Switzerland the vote on a burqa ban is drawing closer after the canton of Aargau set a petition for a referendum in motion on Tuesday. The Zurich-based Tages-Anzeiger sees this as a wrong move: "Bans are only acceptable when there is no alternative, for example when human rights, fundamental rights or public security are jeopardised. Or when the goal is to eliminate disruptive, offensive or damaging elements. Should the burqa be banned? No. Firstly because it's difficult to believe that the handful of women who wear burqas in Switzerland could be perceived as so offensive as to necessitate a general ban. Secondly the conviction of those who advocate the ban that every woman who wears the burqa has been forced to do so by her husband and is a victim of oppression is only an assertion. ... A burqa ban is also pointless because it won't address any of the genuine problems of integration: Muslim girls who are not allowed to attend swimming lessons; imams who are not integrated."

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