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Nuspliger, Niklaus

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 15/05/2015

Quota alone won't work

The quotas proposed by the European Commission won't end the refugee catastrophe on the Mediterranean, the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung warns: "Because a quota system doesn't offer migrants an alternative to crossing the sea in smuggler's boats. Only a huge refugee contingent could provide different incentives here. Then there's the practical considerations: to prevent a Syrian who has settled in the Czech Republic from trying his luck on the unofficial job market in Germany will require considerable control efforts and a bureaucratic sanctions regime. ... And since every EU state has its own asylum procedures, issues of equal treatment will also arise: Do you send an Iraqi asylum seeker to an EU state where the number of Iraqis who are granted asylum is particularly high? Or to a country where his chances of obtaining asylum are lower? If the quotas are to work, the standards for asylum procedures and for providing accommodation and care for asylum seekers must also be harmonised."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 17/04/2015

Europe playing hot potato with refugees

This week alone it is estimated that over 400 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean. The search for a European response to the refugee crisis is like a game of hot potato, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung complains: "The refugee policy has failed due to the lack of clarity over the responsibility of the EU and the member states. Yes, we do have a common asylum system, but Brussels has insufficient means at its disposal to implement common standards in the EU states. The member states are responsible for border protection and fishing refugees out of the water. The under-financed border protection agency Frontex, for its part, can only be deployed as a stop-gap measure. In addition Frontex is dependent on the member states, which must provide it with ships, helicopters and personnel. The upshot of these split responsibilities is an undignified game of hot potato, in which the EU Commission hides behind the member states and the national governments shirk their responsibility."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 30/10/2014

London and Bern not really united on immigration

British Prime Minister David Cameron is considering introducing immigration quotas for EU citizens, according to media reports. For Switzerland, which has already requested a renegotiation of the free movement of persons with the EU, Cameron's move is advantageous only at first glance, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes: "If Cameron is successful in getting other EU states on his side, the disagreements with Switzerland may also be resolved. Bern could have discreetly waited to see how the conflict between London and Brussels developed if the initiators hadn't set a three-year deadline for the mass immigration initiative, thus weakening Switzerland's negotiating position. Now Switzerland is under pressure, and its call for negotiations on the free movement of persons threatens to become a test case for how the EU will deal with the demands from London. This, however, would put Switzerland at a disadvantage, as it would make it even more difficult for the hardliners in the EU Commission and among the EU member states to show a willingness to compromise with Switzerland."

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