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Nurminen, Tapio

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Kauppalehti - Finland | 23/10/2013

Slow the tempo of enlargement

No new countries should be taken into the EU for the time being, the liberal business paper Kauppalehti writes with an eye to the resumption of accession talks with Turkey: "Haven't the cases of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania demonstrated clearly enough that hasty, politically-motivated membership serves no one's interests? As soon as we get a grip on the biggest problems in the EU and the major problems in the Eurozone we can offer more to Turkey, Serbia or Albania. This way the citizens in the current member countries will have an easier time digesting the fact that one day Iraq will be an EU neighbour. The EU simply needs to take some time off regarding enlargement. ... Perhaps two decades. In this time true partnership levels must be built up with those countries that want to become fit to join the EU. If this irrational enlargement continues, the victory of the populist opponents of the EU in the European elections next spring will be the least of our worries."

Kauppalehti - Finland | 06/08/2013

Germany's green future a thing of the past

Last week's sacking of Siemens boss Peter Loescher, a proponent of the energy turnaround, is proof that Germany's energy policy has failed, the business paper Kauppalehti concludes: "Electricity prices are soaring because owing to the subsidies, which basically function as a price guarantee, too much green power is being produced. The high price of electricity is seriously hurting the competitiveness of many German companies. And the situation will only escalate if the lower rates for energy-intensive industries have to be scrapped. On top of all this the price of fossil fuels hasn't risen as much as expected owing to the availability of shale gas and the distortions caused by emissions trading. The wonderful 'green future' in which too many in Germany put their faith is now a thing of the past. The political mistakes will be corrected after the September elections by those who made the mistakes in the first place, namely Angela Merkel, who looks on track to be chancellor again."

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