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Nuriyeva, Sevil

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Star - Turkey | 05/10/2015

Wounded Russia using Syria to recover

US President Barack Obama warned on Friday that the Russian airstrikes could weaken the moderate opposition in Syria. He has misjudged Russia for too long, the pro-government daily Star comments: "Russia was backed into a corner over the Ukraine question and saw Syria as a way to escape economic collapse. ... Russia is far more dangerous when it's subject to such economic woes than when it's healthy. That's something the US completely failed to take into account. Cornered and wounded, the Russians prefer to fight to the death. They are intent on destroying the forces that the US has built up together with Turkey. And that's because of the US. Moscow fears that the colour revolutions will gain momentum on its doorstep and that US influence will grow if Assad falls from power. That's why it is determined to regain control of events in the Caucasus and Central Asia."

Star - Turkey | 20/04/2015

Genocide conspiracy aimed at weakening Turkey

The European Parliament passed a resolution last week calling on Turkey to recognise the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. The pro-government daily Star is scandalised: "The whole thing is an operation to stop Turkey, which isn't even directly connected to the fabricated stories of the Armenians. Naturally the pressure of the Armenian lobby comes as a welcome excuse for the global leaders, the financial circles and all those who want to deal Islam a fatal blow with their crusader mentality. … We can see what base intentions have driven the EU to take this scandalous decision when we look at the shameful list of genocides and oppression in its own history. The new perception of Turkey and its vision has unsettled the EU's powerhouses."

Star - Turkey | 11/08/2014

The people's will has won

This was the first time that the Turkish president was elected directly by the people, making Erdoğan's success a success for the Turkish nation, the pro-government daily Star believes: "We live in a world in which the US and other Western countries who are considered pioneers of democracy have given up on democratising the Middle East. Now not only the friends but also the enemies of the new Turkish president understand what the power of the people means. Even those who aren't happy about the result admit that under Erdoğan the will of the people stands above any other will. His leadership, which has now become a subject of research in political institutes across the globe, has now shown not only Turkey but also the world what his new political style will look like. ... Erdoğan's model is making it clear to the politicians and nations of the region what service to the people really means."

Star - Turkey | 04/08/2014

Russia targeting Nagorno-Karabakh

Recent skirmishes between Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh have resulted in numerous casualties. A ceasefire has been in effect in the Caucasian enclave since 1994, but Russia may soon intervene and spark a new conflict, the pro-government daily Star warns: "Russia's aggressive attitude seems not to be limited to Ukraine alone, but extends to all countries under American influence - especially Azerbaijan, which seeks to maintain an even-handed foreign policy. ... Russia meanwhile is continuing with its knee-jerk reaction - very much in line with the trumps it has in its hand - and understandably considers Azerbaijan's balanced policy a threat. It seems that rather than withdrawing from Ukraine, Russia will increase the use of force and destabilise the countries lying along the 'Energy Line' that belong to the US's sphere of interest."

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